About Dirty Rumors

Dirty Rumors is an eclectic rock / jam band from the mountains of southwest Virginia featuring Tim (Caesar) O'Sullivan on guitar, Kirk Farmer on vocals and guitar, Scott Sutton on bass and vocals, Thomas Wilson on drums and vocals, and Ben Hite on keyboard and vocals. Specializing in hard edged, driving rock jams with smoking guitar combos and bluesy vocals.

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Join us for the hottest electric open mic show in the valley. 



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Unity Gain EP

The new Dirty Rumors EP entitled "Unity Gain" is now available at your favorite online retailers including iTunes, Google Play, and AmazonMP3.

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Unity Gain EP Now Available

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“Dirty Rumors, Experienced Roanoke rockers have joined forces for this band, which jams out on some classic rock.” - Tad Dickens, Roanoke Times

“We’re more of a jam band than anything. Our live performances are heavy on the long instrumental jams with variety of influxes including rock, funk, blues and county. We actually have a large collection of live tracks that can be streamed from our website.” - Ryan Roullard, Presonus Blog